Wear a Mask Campaign Collection


The world is rapidly changing, our paradigm has been shattered.  There is no going back.

We’ve entered a new unknown that we have to define.

Life has to change.

So, we began with the goal of creating something fashionable and yet highly functional, that will help raise global awareness that, we, as a global community, can stop diseases from spreading.

Our vision is to help push culture towards a more sensible approach.  

Protect each other,

Wear a Mask.


 Our collection exists of custom made luxury masks equipped with respiratory one-way valves. We optionally supply filters that are roughly equivalent to traditional respirators. We will in the coming months seek to get them rated, but the fabric is supplied by the inventors of activated carbon filtration.

-Masks Fits Most N95 – N99 Third-Party Replaceable Filters with Valve opening (18-25mm)  3/4" to 1" design.

-Comes with Flexzorb UK Military Grade Activated Carbon Filter

TLDR; We're providing high quality masks made with 100% activated carbon filter material inside to offer superior protection as well as style and comfort.