Our Story - About MF

By using masks we not only help protect others but bring awareness to the issue, and in the long run make our society much healthier.


How we started

NEW YORK CITY, USA: In Summer 2012, we became hyper aware of how many people were concerned about the urban environment and air pollution.  We observed as Central Park began to welcome runners who wore masks not only to ward off pollution and dust, but also to train.


SEOUL, KOREA: Going forward, 3 years later, the fashion movement of wearing masks was noticed on a destination wedding in Korea. Throughout Seoul, many citizens had already adopted everyday mask use to help fight disease and pollution.

It's been found this has directly contributed to reducing Flu Season by 1 entire month on average in many parts of Asia, and especially Hong Kong.


Now we find ourselves in our first truly global pandemic. Asia has already deciphered how to exist and manage, but the US and European countries are struggling with how to maintain an economy while at the same time mitigating a growing viral threat.  The answer is simple, wear a mask.


What We Believe

We began with this goal to make something fashionable, functional, and what aspires to be what a mask should be.  We are working hard to increase the level of protection to the top tier and actively submitting to CDC and NIOSH for approval by Fashion Week. This is our vision and our goal.  Fashion and Function.

How We Do It

We support creating high value products for consumers who want something extra, our craftsmanship and design pay special attention to making a mask that is durable, comfortable and can offer a degree of protection that approaches the level of a respirator currently.

We Give Back and Help

Masking Fashion supports Artists of all types through a share of profits and revenue with Art Mecca


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